Jan 30, 2011

puerto rican idol

have you been watching american idol?
never in my life, have i seen a woman this beautiful.
jenny from the block is stunning.

2011 goal - be jennifer lopez.

1. get lash extensions
2. grow LONG hair (and maybe dye it blond?)
3. got the booty, just need to tighten it up!
4. get a chihuahua and call it marc anthony. (tell me there is no resemblance!?!?)


You, Me and Mr. B. said...

You crack me up! The eyelash extensions are a great idea! The person we both know looks great with them! Hope you get all you want and more. Have a great week!

E.F.G. said...

jo-l is stunning. sometimes i just gaze at her trying to figure it all out. then i look at steven tyler and try to figure him out.

skip the dog. i'll let you borrow Brother in april.