Dec 19, 2010

They Say It's Your Birthday

Dear Noelle the Birthday Girl

You are a better friend than most of us deserve,
and the best friend anyone could have
You are kind, clever, and witty
You are generous with talents and affection
You make life lovely

Happy Birthday

Love, Matt


Jana said...

Cheers to that. Happy Birthday, Noelle!

nerak said...

Although I've officially known you all of a month, I think this is the perfect sum-up of why I think you are so fabulous. I especially second the first two lines! Happy birthday, pretty lady!

rubi said...
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kimmy girl said...

perfect. not too cheesy, sums up why we all love noni soooo much. good work matt. happy birthday noelle. if you want a more cheesy post...see my blog.

Stephanie said...

here here! happy bday noelle dear.