Nov 9, 2010

multi tasker

what do you do when you're working from home AND hosting a birthday party?

a. order food in
b. schedule meetings to avoid conflict
c. embrace conflict and video conference in the kitchen, while you chop potatoes and check the roast

my employer appreciates how ridiculous i am.
meanwhile, this guy had a birthday, SHOUT HOORAY.

and since we're did this beauty.
happy birthday whit.



E.F.G. said...

That cake looks yummy. Well done Noelle (I'm sure).
And... Happy Birthday Jake!

Stephanie said...

Looking better every year, Mr. Lybberty. Wish I could have been there to participate in the awesomeness. Parties-by-Noelle are the best.

lybberty said...

Parties by Noelle are the best. Thanks, Noelle. Thanks also to Erica and Steph for the birthday wishes.