Nov 17, 2010

heart flu

you know that feeling.
when you have the stomach flu?
the one when you're not hungry, even if you haven't eaten in days and your most favorite meal is in front of you?
and nothing seems even remotely good to you?

i've been feeling that way this week.
the unappetizing list has some real shockers:

interior decor - who cares?
clothing - bothersome.
paris - i know i should be excited.
other exciting things happening soon - bah humbug.
sleep - take it or leave it.

i'm certain i have heart flu. i'm not hungry for any of the things i love.
have you ever felt this way? i'm hoping its a 24-hour bug.


E.F.G. said...

i find reading under the covers or going to a movie (and getting popcorn) help tremendously. sometimes shopping online or a bubble bath helps.
a cuddle from stella wouldn't hurt.

Amanda said...

i felt that way the other day. i knew there was something wrong when i wasn't even excited when i thought about getting a puppy. (not happening now, but it's always a mood booster for me) i figured out it was just being overtired. a weekend in and cuddling to a movie was just what cured my flu. hopefully that will work for you!

c.e.l.i.n.a said...

i have felt that way.
for sure.

Jana said...

YES - thank you for describing this stupid funk i've been in. you remember - i even asked everyone for suggestions on how to get over it. still fighting the funk, no matter how many "parts" and activities I post about on the blog.

Sarah Larsen said...

I totally get that way. Usually it's when I've been cooped up in the house for a while doing nothing. I've found it helps to just literally go for a walk or do something productive - force yourself to. Or call someone and have a chat. I'm always good for a quick skype if you need one! XOXO miss you tons.

kimmy girl said...

my newest love, madewell. TRY IT. i think it might be just what you need. miss you. xoxo

Marci Joy said...

I'm sorry Noelle. Having heart flu is hard. You have to start small with something you enjoy - a walk, making cookies, ichats home - that's always good medicine.

Oh - and letting yourself have a good cry.

Jordan Lydia said...

i always feel that way when i am missing my sisters or my close girlfriends. its like all those things are really great and fun, but only when you can tell your girlfriends/sisters about them. kittens help to assuage the heart flu.

valerie said...

not saying i'd be the cure, but i think we could both help each other out here...maybe march is too far away for a visit...

Mrs. Dontje said...

this was me yesterday. maybe it has something to do with the moon.