Sep 12, 2010

We're Still Here ...

As of late, we're still loving London.

- we still haven't moved into our flat (or heard back from the letting agent despite multiple phone calls and emails. don't you worry though - i've been assured this is typical flat-letting professionalism)

- as a result, we're still learning patience.

- we moved out of our lovely accommodations in canary wharf and are currently sharing a twin bed at the LSE dorms. (until we get into our flat... SUNGGLEFEST.)

- matt's still in math camp. it's still hard. i'm still working for o.c. tanner. it's still awesome.

- we strolled down portobello road and through hyde park this weekend.

- we're signing up for cycle hire. what is that you ask? Barclays has set up thousands of cycle stations across the city. For a mere 45 pounds/year they send you a key to the lock, and you can ride one for free for 30 minutes any day any where - or for a small fee for longer rides.

the lybberts


The Butlers said...

Sounds like you are learning a lot about life, patience and London culture. Glad to see your posts and we're glad you're still on our team! Keep sending those docs for me to read. Great work!

laura said...

They have bike rentals like that in Montreal, and they were so much fun! We got a tip from a local (if the ones in London are anything like Montreal)... you can park your bike at a station before the 30 minutes is up, wait a few minutes, and then take it out again free of charge. Theoretically, you could ride the bike all day (parking it every 30 minutes) and not pay any extra!

Sara Jane said...

The bike rentals sound awesome! I'm sure glad you love to snuggle! Miss you! xoxo