Aug 25, 2010


i'm ok with being late to the party.
this week, matt and i stumbled upon something the rest of you probably already know about.
and we proceeded to consume (rather ravenously) 22 hour-long episodes.

the results:
i've been singing show tunes.
i put on concerts for stella. (and she LOVES them)
and i want EMMA PILLSBURY'S entire wardrobe.
("mr schue" needs to go back to westside story, the jets miss him)

she reminds me of the other tv wardrobe i covet...
chuck, from the late "pushing daisies"


The Castletons said...

Welcome to the glee club :)
Can't wait for the next season to start.

The Butlers said...

You are such a fashion guru-very stylish and uniquely outfitted. Something I won't ever forget about you. When's the magic date of departure for London? Safe and happy travels to you!

laura said...

OMG, I've been re-watching some episodes of Pushing Daisies on Netflix streaming and I yearn for Chuck's dresses. And it amuses me that almost everything that Emma and Quinn wear is from Anthropologie.

Anonymous said...

You might like this blog - What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear

noelle regina said...

oh don't worry anonymous - i've already been there and emailed the blogger to tell her i need her to make a 15 item list of wardrobe essentials emma has.


Brittmae said...

Love pushing sad it was so short-lived...every time she walked on screen I would point to it and say to mike..I like could get me that. And I am definitely interested in your kind of masters program...I feel like my tax law class is...leaving something to be desired in terms of personal fulfillment. I would add to it: yuppie remodeling-- how to refinish and reupholster furniture. Of course its all anthro and fabulous--how can you go wrong??