Jul 1, 2010

things i miss today

things i miss today, in no particular order...

C. Ashley Swapp
9. Pizza Art in Rome
1. The security of knowing where you'll live in 3 months
A. Hanging out at the Pleasantville town pool (granted this was approx. 15 years ago)
D. Having the summer off
7. Pre-pubescent french-fry consumption. Ever since reading they have no nutritional value, it's been hard for me to fully indulge in my once favorite food. And sometimes I long for the days of steak fries, pommes frittes and tator tots sans guilt.
2. Long hair. (I take full responsibility for this one)
F. When my mom made all of my food

Looking over the list, it seems all I really miss is 3rd grade. (mom cooking, long hair, summers off, pleasantville pool, french fries). And of course, Rome and Ashley.


the swapps said...

noelle. i miss you same-same.

and...i need to read the book thief.

bob said...

pizza art was the best thing you've ever shown me - seriously every time i hear one of my friends is traveling to europe, more importantly rome, i tell them about pizza art. i say, "oh my old roommate showed me this place and it seriously the best pizza in the world." i'd gain 5 pounds in a weekend all over again for that place.