Jul 9, 2010

A Final Ode to KSL

Dear KSL,
There are many things I will miss about Salt Lake - my job, the cute house, liberty heights fresh, cherries and the loop at sugarhouse park to name a few. But perhaps, one of the things I'll miss the very most is you. You've been good to me, and I've enjoyed our time together. You are the GREATEST second-hand online marketplace on the face of the earth.

With adoration,

It will save you. It's saved me. HUNDREDS. maybe thousands.
Want proof?

Our entire house is KSLed. (I kid you not - mirrors, dining room table, desk, couch, chairs, chairs, chairs (i love chairs), coffee table, side table, headboard, nightstands etc etc etc)

A few people have asked. And since I’m leaving this gold mine behind, I thought I'd share some tricks I’ve learned for successful KSLing.

1. Smart Searching
From time to time I meander through just to see what’s available. But the great finds come when you know what to type into the search field. “cane headboard” “king louis chair” “bamboo” – look around on design blogs, see what you want and then come up with a list of possible search terms. It’ll let you weed out the crap and get the look you're mimicking.

2. Quality Check

If I'm not searching for a particular item, I scan for quality items – Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Henredon, McGuire, Ethan Allen – just to see what pops up. Sometimes you find something SPECTACULAR that's not on your immediate need list, but for a steal of a deal it’ll jump to the top of your want right now list.

3. Saturday is a Special Day
When people have spare time, they take photos and post to KSL – which translated to SOME AMAZING WEEKEND finds. which reminds me, check out our 2007 Hyundai Sante Fe going up tomorrow!

4. Flatter
Genuinely, of course...
To illustrate this point: Cleaning out my closet I come across a sweater I don't wear very often. The friend with me says, "oh that's pretty." I like that she likes it. I know that I don't like it and don't wear it. I want her to have it... People feel the same way about their items. If I show a little appreciation for a beautiful detail or great shape, they seller wants me to have it. You become the right home for their adopted item.

5. Forget about the tortoise, the hare wins this race.
This is a REAL deal maker right here. It’s won me many an item for a lower price than someone else … “I can pick it up tonight.” The seller wants it sold- they don’t want to show 13 strangers their garage to sit on chair that’s only going to make them $50 anyway. Their time is worth money, and if you’re willing to save them that, it’s usually yours.

6. Bargain without Balking
Only after you’ve expressed proper affection for said item, arranged to pick it up THAT night (or soon thereafter), pull the budget card. “It’s a little more than I was planning on spending. Would you take $xx for it?” They’ll sigh, or pause, or flinch – just sport a friendly smile, WAIT IT OUT and don’t give in. When you don't react or acknowledge their balk, they are more inclined to agree.

If I were on the market for something awesome - I'd buy these KSL finds:

this library chair - perfect in a book nook

this toy chest/bench waiting to be painted and covered with fun fabric - for a child's room

this STUNNING cane headboard, painted white for a french feel (like this).

Happy Hunting!

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The Butlers said...

You make me laugh so hard. We are avid KSL'ers and practically buy and sell something there every weekend! My husband is the KSL maniac and when I read your post to him, he laughed big time! I'm sure London will have something similar-maybe with your creativity and talent, you could begin a salesinlondon.com!