Jul 28, 2010

the sisterhood of the "kimmy shirt"

it's not quite the same concept. we're not all wearing the EXACT same pair of pants. but 3 lovely ladies have purchased this adorable tee for $15.80 from F21. and it's adorable on all of them.


skinny with some curve.
(you can't see it here but i promise it was tres cute)

curve. (even though you can't quite see it)


The Beastmaster's Beauty said...

Ahhh I love this too. I'll gladly be in a sisterhood with you two any day.

Morgan said...

You would blend right in with that shirt in Paris. Can't wait for you guys to get here.

Jamie said...

Ooh...Can i join the club? Why have I not seen that at my Forever 21? I'm going to go check online right now.

Stephanie said...

This is about the only online shopping I do - looking at your blog Noelle. Love it.