Jul 8, 2010

i think it's maybe because i'm feeling a sudden sense of loss in life.

loss of control.
loss of a comfortable life in SLC that i quite like.
loss of self.

but lately all i want to do is decorate a bedroom to perfection and sleep the days away. (now don't you worry, i'm not depressed. just wanting to avoid the unpleasantries of a cross-continental relocation.)

i'm working on a project with al (mama bear)
and i'd really like her to get this ...

and then we could curl up and watch divine design. and wake up in london with everything done.


Shea McGee said...

that bed is awesome.

Amanda said...

totally understand the stress. don't worry, the fancy pictures quantum metrics or whatever they have to take for your visa is short (15 minutes tops). and it'll be so worth it when you get there....:)
and please email me or branden if you guys need any help or have questions about what we did-we went through the whole process too and while it was tough...it ended up being easier than i thought to get the visa. and it came back to us really quickly!