Jul 7, 2010

all i want to do...

is crawl into this beautiful bed - fall asleep and wake up 2 months from now in London.
in a small 2br flat
filled with my KSL and craigslist items
already unpacked boxes
and a little office where i can work for O.C. Tanner

that's all i want.

i don't want to pack boxes. or drive across the country (even if we DO get to see swapps and strickers). i don't want to get my biometric visa scan. or worry about where i'll live when i arrive in the visa-issuing country.


mandy said...

Noelle, I found your cute blog! Love it! And I love that striped shirt...where did you find it? Hope your hair is great, mandy

noelle regina said...

love my hair.
shirt is urban - on sale for $14.99

LOVE the hair.

rachel said...

I feel the same way. I had to fly to LA to get my Spanish visa. I'm on a student visa, so I'm only allowed to work 20 hours. I'm kind of nervous and I have no idea what I will be doing or where I will be living. It will be okay.