Jun 24, 2010

winging it.

matt and i on the london tube - february 2007. approx. 4 weeks after we began dating. 2 weeks before we said i love you. 5 months before we returned to europe together. 16 months before we got married.

he was going to see his brother. i liked to travel. kimmy was willing to support. so i followed him there.

re: london - people have asked...

do you have a place to live?
do you know what neighborhood you'll be in?
did you get your visas?
have you worked out funding for school?
do you know your working arrangements?

and the answer to all of your questions, is NO. (or not yet)

yes, we're leaving utah in a few more than 30 days. and we realize the difficulties moving abroad entails but we've decided to take a laissez-faire approach.

we're winging it.

our goal for the next 4 weeks is not to prepare for london. dot every i and cross every t. we won't be apartment hunting. or job hunting. or visa stressing.

we will:
- spend time with friends
- enjoy the last few weeks at our places of employment
- experience as much outdoor utah summerness as we can


rubi said...

i think that's a great idea.
so excited for you.

Morgan said...

I like the laissez-faire approach. Kind of the approach I took minus the part about stressing on the visa. Once I got that secured I was fully on board with the free hand. Can't wait for you guys to get here.

Jordan and Candice said...

I love that picture of you and Matt. Sometimes when you are winging it, you see way more open doors. So enjoy your last few weeks in Utah!

Courtney H. said...

I am super jealous you will be living abroad. That sounds perfect for you! You should try to get on HGTV house hunters international while you are at it. :)