Jun 30, 2010


in 4 days i've devoured 700+ pages.
in 3 weeks i've consumed some absurd quantity of cherries - 30+ lbs.

i start and i can't stop.
i'm nothing if not fast. efficient. consumed.

"you must be a fast reader."
i am.
i'm also a fast eater.
and walker.
i feel physically restrained driving 20 mph in school zones.

i speak quickly.
from time to time i think quickly.
i anger quickly.
and forgive quickly too.

but today i can't help but think in my frenzy to finish, or my frantic pace of consumption, i miss something. a word. a flavor. hidden. not entirely. obvious enough that the more patient palette could discern it. like the stop signs i've run repeatedly because they creep up on you quickly when you're driving too fast.

maybe in my 30+ pounds of cherries, i've missed a spectacular season of raspberries. there's a joke about the FOZ - the fly over zone- the middle earth area between NY and LA that neither coast cares about, nor cares to care about. and i wonder, living and consuming at jet-speeds, what am i flying over?

those are my thoughts tonight.
for whatever they're worth.

[and for the record, "The Book Thief" was spectacular. "How to Be Good" was a worthy read. I've found that Potato Peel book intolerable.]

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Jordan and Candice said...

I just wrote a whole big comment on this post about how much I agree with you and then it got deleted.

I, too, think about what I miss because I move/read/think/pray/etc. too quickly.

This one hit home. Good job girl. Love you.