May 27, 2010

things i'm doing instead of packing...

  • cruising etsy for something great - not sure just what yet
  • checking property room for the price of a 5 carat sapphire ring
  • thinking about starting a free-lance mktg/ pr copy-writing biz whilst in the uk (not REALLY serious about this one.)
  • filling my basket up at anthropologie, then emptying it ($2k and counting)
  • texting my husband, who is approx 12 feet away from me
  • considering washing my face
  • searching random words in my gmail to see what emails pop up
  • ignoring the dishes
  • pretending i don't have to pack for new york
  • addictively perusing KSL
  • fantasizing about stephmodo's french maisonette and wishing i had the money to redo the nicolai house in abbruzzo
  • getting side tracked at the thought of italy and wanting pasta
  • remembering that some point in the next 6 months i'll eat beef bourgingnon in paris (hopefully in a very cute red dress. which, btw, is now on sale at nordstrom. the retail gods have smiled upon me)
  • listening to the clock tick - wish i were kidding
  • oh yeah, and blogging.
  • AND..... facebooking about not packing

send me links. photos. chat me.
anything to keep me from packing please.
[this avoidance does not bode well for the upcoming relocation]

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