May 3, 2010

kinda love this one

meet squeaker
(or stella bella)
she loves to listen to me sing french horn concertos.
and also simon and garfunkel.
she also loves sleeping.
so there must be some nicolai in her.

my precious.

erica has a preference for gender neutral items
(though stella does have a gaggle of adorable girly dresses)

noelle (intentionally omitting "aunt" - i think stella and i will be on a first name basis),
prefers pink. ribbons. and bows.

first subway ride with stella

teenage mutant ninja baby going out for a walk
(can you believe erica JUST HAD THIS BABY one month ago?
i hope the body bounce back is genetic)


laura said...

LOVE new baby nieces. Yours is scrumptious.

E.F.G. said...

zebras ARE feminine.

Tim and Sara said...

She is sooooooo cute! What a pretty little baby. Keep it up with the bows and ribbons!

Teri said...

What a beautiful baby (and mom and aunt)!