May 11, 2010

brown babies

i'm admittedly tickled that stella is a beautiful brunette. i just love brown babies. but i wouldn't be devastated if i had bobble-headed blonds.
this one is pretty cute.
[no. not pregnant]


The Castletons said...

I'm loving the knee-highs on Matt. Very nice.

Brad and Danielle said...

Good thing you put in that disclaimer at the end. I was going to ask... :)

Matt was/is a cute kid.

E.F.G. said...

stella's got nothing on those cheeks! i just want to squeeze them.

The Castletons said...

Uh-oh. Erica is going to be "that aunt" that squeezes every little kid's chubby cheeks. Watch out Jaxson and Conner.