May 22, 2010


the elbow is still terribly tender.
i use primarily my left hand.
(which im convinced will make me smarter)
i did not leave the house today.
not once.

i took exorbitant amounts of ibuprofen.
i washed 4 loads of laundry, but did not fold it (one hand)
i showered
and watched julie & julia.

which resulted in the following:
a great excitement for our upcoming move
a new appreciation for my Le Creusset
a deep desire to take a weekend jaunt to paris for boeuf bourguignon
a hankering for a slice of good pizza...
or an in n out burger (its been 5 months)

i have cabin fever.
im frustrated by the pain.
im tired of asking matt for help.
im at max drug capacity
apostrophes are too hard for my lef hand to reach (hence "im")
my house is a disaster
and i dont look much better.


Ashley said...

I'm so sorry about your accident, Noelle! I hope you start feeling better soon. When do you move to London?

The Butlers said...

You really make me laugh...I'm glad your injuries weren't worse but feel bad for you! Hang in there and just keep relaxing...

E.F.G. said...

thank you for blogging through the pain. i've missed you.

are you going to able to hold stella while you're here?