Apr 18, 2010

we may not come home.

overlooking hong kong.
victoria's peak.

and though hong kong was a terribly efficient, grand city to visit, we prefer thailand.
this morning we rose at 5:00 am and sat alone on the beach.
it seems that everything here moves slotwly.
the waves lap at a lesiurely pace.
the sun creeps slowly over the pitons and lights up the limestone green water.
the minutes drip by (thankfully) that we think we've been here for days.
it must be the humidity weighing everything (and everyone) down.
even the natives move slowly, unless of course they're touting for your baht.

speaking of baht...
the resort is a little pricey compared to typical thai faires,
but we really can't complain:
massages: $9
lunch: $4
taxi ride to town: $3
(but we don't really love town, just our private beach and bungalow)


kimmy girl said...

im so jealous. like major jealous. like i dont know if i want more pictures because im so happy for you or NO more pictures becasue it makes me sickly jealous!!!!

miss you. be safe. have fun. come home. xoxo

scott and lindsey said...

both look amazing!! i wish we could be there SOOOO BAD!! awesome! Have fun! Like that is going to be a challenge... ;)

Stephanie said...

Dear Noelle,

I am so glad you are enjoying your trip. I hope the political unrest is held at bay, but if not, you know which Congressional staffer you may contact should you come under any sort of distress.

p.s. please move to D.C. Thanx.

Alison said...

I'VE BEEN THERE! call me when you get home. I tried calling you but it didn't work. anyway LOVE YOU

Ashley said...

I'm really so jealous. I'm fascinated by elephants. I have no idea why! Looks like you guys are loving your trip. Have fun!