Apr 8, 2010

subway eat fresh.

maybe the easter bunny gave me a $25 gift certificate to subway eat fresh.
and maybe it's thursday, and it's already empty.

maybe we love a 280 calories sandy.
and when it was "any any any" foot-long for $5, we shared them almost EVERY night.

if you're heading to subway eat fresh, i strongly urge to try the following combination:

they train their staff consistently, so be sure to use the adjectives to get the right proportions.

[what kind of sandwich would you like]
6 inch honey oat.

[what kind of meat]
turkey with provolone please.


[sauces, mayo or mustard?]

[what kind of veggies would you like]
tons and tons of lettuce
tomatoes ...
more tomatoes please.
lots and lots of cucumbers.
a liiiiiittle red onion.
lots of vinegar.
no oil.

more vinegar.
salt and pepper.



scott and lindsey said...

ahhhhhhh.. the good ol days! So glad to see you're still enjoying your $5 foot long ;) Miss you guys!

So jealous about Thailand!!! Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Uhhmmm, i hardly ever post anything nice on blogs so forgive me if i'm not good at this.

I really liked the post because subway is beyond thunder awesome. I eat it 10 times a week. Allow me to share my favorite sub

"i'll have a 6 inch, Italian BMT (biggest meatiest tastiest) on italian herb and cheese, with spicy cheese...ten second toasted (wait for toasting to finish) lettuce, onions, olives, jalepenos, peppers...ranch dressing and salt and pepper please....Oh yeah, and lets maket that a meal with diet coke (refillable thanks be to heaven)chips and screw it, lets get a macademia cookie".

I hope you guys choose school in London so we can meet at subway fresh often...my name is paul