Apr 26, 2010



3 hour plane ride
45 minutes in a taxi
93 minutes on a ferry
12 minutes on a long boat

made 4 days in paradise feel like eternity.

paradise part 1 koh phi phi

morning traffic

6:00 am walks on the beach

the handsome mr. lybbert at sunset

the view from my folding chair

our daily mode of transportation

found on the beach

and ashley looking SUPER CUTE.

and a word on traveling with friends...

we were duly warned.
"have you ever traveled with a couple before?"
"are you sure you can get along for 10 days?"
and so on. and so forth.

but let me tell you...
10 days with swapps was a cake walk.
unless we were tired or hungry [all parties guilty from time to time]
it was smiles and sunshine.
even under pressure
(intense flight missing, dollar costing pressure)
everyone was a delight.


the swapps said...

maybe we should go back...?

rubi said...

why would you wake up at 6am when you're on vacation? you're crazy.

your trip looks awesome!
more pictures please?

noelle regina said...

rubi... i would have loved to sleep in but the jet lag made that IMPOSSIBLE. we'd wake up at 3 and toss and turn til we finally got out of bed at 6.