Apr 13, 2010

to bang kok or not to bangkok?

irregardless of how one spells bang kok / bangkok.
the question today is.

to go or not to go?

what do you think?
we're traveling to the land of thai. the question is whether or not we'll visit the capital city amid civil unrest.


becca said...

maybe the prime minister will resign before then? cross your fingers.

after all the thailand stuff in the news, i was thinking that you'd be making a post about this soon. :)

siovhan said...

i really like you two.
so i'd really like y'all to stay outta harm's way when you visit that gorgeous place.

here's to hoping the PM will step down before your trip.

auntie libby said...

having been caught in a riot in a foreign country i would say, stick to the beach and avoid the rioting. molotov cocktails are no respecter of persons!

laura said...

Aside from the safety issues, my roommate went to Thailand last year and said Bangkok was actually her least favorite place they went. Obviously just one person's opinion, but it might be better just to steer clear if there is political turmoil!

Shea McGee said...

maybe just stick to the beach?

The Castletons said...

I bet your mother is freaking out at the possibility you might still be going. I know my mom would be.

Hope it all works out!

Ashley said...


For sure not. I want "Dear Life...From, Noelle" to stick around.

Be safe ok?


Teri said...

AMEN to all of the above comments. Travel safe.