Mar 29, 2010

to make matters worse...

i already wasn't looking forward to the 12 mile bike ride + 3 mile run i have to do for training today.

and to make matters worse.
i don't have my ipod.

it's gonna be a LONG 3 miles without kelly clarkson.
and lady gaga.
and kanye.
and katy perry.
and rihanna.
and yellowcard.
and linkin park. [yes. them.]


laura said...

Ugh, running without music is a feat I do not envy. Britney is my lifeline when I feel like quitting!

Sarah Larsen said...

When you get your ipod back, please put Ke$ha on there. Best part of my Monday night boot camp is when it comes on.

I wouldn't be able to finish that long of a run, even with Music so good for you.