Mar 8, 2010

i'm so bummed.

i'm bummed.

if you happen to pick up Latter-day Bride (please as a favor to me, don't)
just know that the photos shown there are NOT representative of our wedding.

i promise matt's eyes were open.
and the bridal party actually looked at the camera.
and people were dancing. not just standing.
and there were hundreds of BETTER photos to be put into print.
(literally. he took 600 pics)

such a waste of time.

excuse the return of bridezilla while i lament our TERRIBLY UGLY magazine debut.

in better news, shea's wedding is on the next page.
and the photos chosen for hers were beautiful.


siovhan said...

oh you've gotta be kidding.
your wedding was BEYOND photograph-able and you had SO SO SO many gorgeous pictures. i haven't seen it -- but i'm sure he coulda picked better pictures.

Stephanie said...

Whatever. Your wedding was the It was probably too much for them to handle - I mean, did they even see the glass elevator?!!

scott and lindsey said...

what?! you're in a magazine?! cool. I'm sure the pics are gorgeous! I've seen them and they are beautiful!