Feb 24, 2010

raw round 1

i hurried home to find an expertly packed and prepared box of LA's finest raw food on my doorstep. eager for this head-first immersion, out of my currrent SAD routine, i tore it open.

(SAD =standard american diet - aka meat, carbs, cheese - aka cheeseburgers - aka my favorite)

tabouli salad, tostada with cashew meat, pizza italiano, tomato basil soup...
so many items to choose from. but the portions frightened me. i could consume this entire box in one day. with it's dainty, accurate serving sizes - servings that leave way too much space on my 11'' dinner plate.

the lack of preservatives in the romaine lettuce shell of my tostada were withering as in the minutes it took me to make my decision - but at least i know no bugs were harmed in it's growth. so i went with what seemed to be most perishable.

ground cashew meat seasoned with mexican spices on their famous onion bread with salsa fresca. it was flavorful and delicious, not at all surprising since every trip to omar's pointed in the same direction. but would it be filling? afraid that this au naturale meal wouldn't quite fill my tank, i downed half an avocado and an orange. matt came home and minutes later the smells of browning tortilla and melting cheese wafted through the living room.

i was suddenly starving. thinking of pancakes, cheeseburgers, pbjs ... all the delicious things i won't be able to have these next 10 days. but i did not partake. instead i filled up my water bottle and then my bladder ... and i wasn't hungry anymore.

it's 9:00 pm and i'm afraid i'll wake up famished, or worse emaciated ... but i'm not hungry yet.
i don't weight any less. my skin isn't any clearer (both common effects of raw food diets) but i am high and mighty on my self-satisfaction horse - proud that i gave my body natural fuel it can leach nutrients and enzymes from.

unfortunately, i'm not as prepared for breakfast. i have apples and almonds and that just might have to do. or i could crack open my tomato basil or hearty lentil soups.


E.F.G. said...

keep up the good work. i hope you can ride that high for the next 10 days! then celebrate with a cheeseburger.

Morgan said...

I prefer my diet of oreos, frozen curry, cereal, and diet coke with an occasional apple thrown in if I am feeling like I need to spice things up a little.

Jordan and Candice said...

Girl you're going to kick this raw food diet in the booty.

Sinc January, Jordan and I have been eating a 10-pound bag of carrots from Costco every 2 weeks. We aren't strictly on raw food but I have to say, we feel pretty good.

Laura said...

Wow...good luck with that! I can't imagine how you CAN'T lose weight on that kind of diet. But if you can't keep it up, no worries. I can talk to you all about the things I've learned from my frequent visits to the dietician this entire past year (you can't argue with an 80-lb. weight loss!). ;o)