Feb 26, 2010

raw day 3

On the third day of raw food...

  • breakfast was unbearable. hard to swallow.

  • i feel satiated all day long - hardly ever hungry. quite the contrary to what i expected living off of parsley and veggies. full is different. no heavy feeling in my stomach. in fact it doesn't even seem like i've eaten after meals, other than the fact that i won't feel hungry.

  • i'm suddenly grossly aware of my SAD life. (standard american diet) while watching the olympics nary a healthy advertisement. just fried shrimp and pizza, chicken and biscuits, McDonald's and Coke. Don't get me wrong, I like these foods. But there wasn't' a vegetable in sight.


Chelsea said...

can you have fruit? you should have a smoothie for breakfast. at night blend up the following:

7-8 frozen strawberries
1 banana
oj concentrate (thats what i use, but you could prob use just orange slices)
handful of spinach
about 1/4 c of water

freeze it overnight and then eat it in the morning as it thaws. super good, and keeps you full.
does this follow the RAW rules?

noelle regina said...

totalyl does follow raw rules!
i'll get a blender (and ingredients) tonight. Thanks Chels.