Nov 5, 2009

Mad World

i read the news every day - and can't fathom the stories lately.
it makes me sick.

A 15 year in Florida boy is fighting for his life, after his friends doused him with rubbing alcohol and lit him on fire, when he tattled on them for stealing a bike.

A 14-year old boy molests and then kills his 4 year old neighbor because the child threatened to tell what he had done to him.

An ex-marine in Cleveland, and repeated sex offender, is under arrest after 11 bodies were found decomposing and hidden throughout his home - all women he raped and strangled.

A priest is stabbed to death in the kitchen of his church by a disgruntled janitor.

A California high school girl is raped in the alley of her high school during homecoming by at least 10 different men, while dozens of students watched.

And the Iowa mother found guilty - after cutting the throats of her 2 children, killing the toddler and permanently damaging the 8 year old.


Jordan and Candice said...

Thanks for the pick-me-up.

Really though, this is terrible. I'm learning karate.

Lars said...

The irony of the news, the only thing that starts out with good evening and the proceeds to tell you why it is not.

siovhan said...

And then the shooting at Fort Hood.

This is the part of my job I really really really hate.

I like the fun stories, the feature stories -- not this crap. There are scary people out there.

mathistown said...


Amanda said...

i teared up when i heard the story about the girl who was raped at homecoming. all of those kids should be put into intese training camps on morals.

Amanda said...

or sent to jail.

noelle regina said...

or (excuse my eye for an eye desire for vigilante justice) beaten and abused for 2-hours by multiple people, then left to die under a bench.