Nov 8, 2009

i lived here...

when i arrived in italy in 2004, our family friend Domenico picked me up at the airport.
for perspective - dominic lives in a home in the hills on Rome. the home below his on the hill belongs to his Supremacy, il Papa, the Pope.

when we arrived at the apartment he helped schlep my luggage into 118 viale di trastevere.
he took one look around, grabbed my bag and demanded i follow him.

it wasn't up to his standards.
and he refused to leave me there.

i convinced him to leave me there - that i'd be fine.
but it was a hole.
we called it
East Berlin circa 1950.

take a look...
the pictures don't do it justice.


Jill said...

All the apartments on that link look nice! Maybe that's just a poor New Yorker speaking

noelle regina said...

i fixed the link. i think it shows the EXACT apartment on "Avenue Trastevere" - and if not, trust me when I tell you it was a hole.

angelique said...

yeah, it really doesn't look that bad - I think you and Dominic are the only two people with standards high enough to findit unacceptable