Nov 13, 2009


have you ever just known?
a hunch.
a feeling.
a thought

have you ever felt that
the situation.
the person.
the events about to unfold.
were NO GOOD?

i think we sometimes ignore that feeling.
it's nothing.
i'm paranoid.
the weather?

and sometimes, when we do, bad things happen.

last night i had that feeling in parking lot.
then i had that feeling as i ran the errand.
and when i looked behind me and made eye contact with a large man with empty eyes, every nerve ending in my body screamed.

maybe it was nothing.
maybe i am paranoid.

but instead of ignoring it.
i turned around.
i found someone with a cell phone.
[i had forgotten mine]
i feigned a reason to call my husband.
and told him to get there PRONTO.

then i stalled.
then matt arrived.
then i bawled.

and nothing bad happened.
i just love my husband that much more.


Ashley said...

Glad you listened. I ignore that feeling too much.

Alisha Stamper | Photographer said...

i completely agree, and if you need justification for all the other times you just have a feeeeeeling about something, read The Gift of Fear.