Nov 28, 2009

DIY statement necklace...

[$172 on etsy]

[$94 on etsy]
i've got a real great project in the works.
can't wait to show you.

i didn't make these.
but i didn't pay a fortune on etsy for them either.
i've found a tres affordable way to do it myself.
(like $20 all in)
when the craft is done i'll show you.

[which is a familiar theme. the house is done, except for 2 lamp shades, so i'll show that to you soon too]


E.F.G. said...

does it start with a t and rhyme with pee? can't wait to see that!

noelle regina said...

i don't get it.

it starts with vintage and ends with pearl collar...

rubi said...

i love it. crafty and thrifty.