Nov 24, 2009

be honest...

what are your thoughts on a leopard print sheath?

cause i'm pretty sure i love it.
and i can't tell if it's the inner long-island-hoochie-mama.


siovhan said...

that particular one?
jackie-o. legit.
it's gorgeous and with a really nice cardigan, that is classy.

Christy said...

If I wasn't growing exponentially around my midsection right now I would buy it in an instant

Marci + Dan said...

Love it. Always have. Always will.

noelle regina said...

well... not that one EXACTLY. although that is the look im' going for.

it's a petite - which i'm not. and due to my long femurs it'd be a mini-dress, which i can't do.

SO... here's the ACTUAL dress.

kind of much more hoochie- but modest!

Sarah Larsen said...

love the one that's featured. not sur i love the one on newport news...sorry...maybe too NJ for me.

But in terms of leopard on a whole? I'm soo glad it's back. Last time it was in full force was 7-8th grade. Best year of my life.

Jordan Lydia said...

i think you have a great fashion eye.
the one you want may come off nj for 2 reasons. 1. her stance. 2. her hair. those are null and void because they have nothing to do with you.

but i think you would be able to pull it off quite nicely. i would put some black appliques on the shoulders to vintage it up, and with the right accessories. you should would look glamorous.

siovhan said...

Girl, with your long legs ... I still think the Newport News one would look BOMB! You'd look gorgeous...not NJ hoochie. And leopard can definitely be classy (and not so mrs. robinson-y).

Niels and Susie Jensen said...

You could pull it off with the class and sass it deserves.