Oct 20, 2009

the results are in.

THANKS to everyone for voting...
The results are in.

More than 43 wonderful opinions were expressed.
A decision has been made...
which may or may not be the rug that won...

{but i will NOT reveal at this time}

in the coming weeks a photo will be published of a finished project - repainted lamps, sanded tables, poppy clocks, hand-sewn throw pillows, green velvet curtains, reupholstered chairs...
and then you will know.

You should know all votes were valued, and no feelings were hurt in the decision process.

(or not loving me and voting anyway)
either way.
i still love you.


auntie libby said...

can i still love you and not have voted?

actually i did vote while cindy had it up but i didn't voice my opinion. i just can't imagine your place looking anything but gorgeous! i'll have to come see it after the final unveiling. come visit anytime by the way.

angelique said...

you know, you've been promising photos of finished products for some time now - stop saying you'll post photos of the finished product and just finish already!

noelle regina said...

i wish i could finish. but a full time job. full time husband. full time calling. make it hard to decorate ANYTIME.

i've been meaning to hang curtains for 2 weeks.