Oct 6, 2009

mr clean.

i believe in people.
i also believe what they say.

as a small child i begged
and begged
and begged
for mr. clean.
so that he could come out of the walls and talk to me.

i also begged for:
the ultimate car washing attachment (got it)
ab roller (got it)
quick and brite
food dehydrator
set it and forget it rotisserizer
tae bo (got it)

and tonight.
i was watching "biggest loser"
after the terribly convincing information session
(i.e. commercial)
from weight watchers

i signed up for 4 months of weight watchers online!

and guess what...
not because i hope to half my size
(cause i don't)
but cause i get to monitor my intake of
vitamins and nutrients
with all kinds of fun graphs and charts.


Lars said...

I don't know you, obviously, but from your photographs I don't think you need weight watchers. You look amazing as is, just saying.

Kelsey Nixon said...

I lost 18 lbs. on that fabulous system. Just be sure to cancel when you get to where you want to be. I continued to pay for that 18 lbs. for 2 years! (and didn't realize it)

siovhan said...

I'm excited for you!! This way you can eat as healthy as you want!! :) But, you look fabulous as always, anyway.