Oct 24, 2009

Long Overdue

this is what i've been up to.
taking on diy projects one weekend at a time.
the bedroom is ALMOST done.
(i have some wallpaper samples coming, that will be framed above the bed-
because the roll was $200, a $4 sample will do)

Did it Myselfs:
pelmet boxes
repainted plum lamps


{also, in cleaning our room, i found these... a coupon mailing i sent to matt last year!
he hasn't redeemed a single one...
but it was the thought that counts?}


Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

So beautiful with the perfect hint of boy and girl!
Well done!

Shea McGee said...

I know I've told you this about a million times, but it looks fabulous!

POJO Fitness said...

ok where did you find that headboard? I am assuming you repainted it? anyways I have been trying to find a headboard for our bed and have had no luck.. love yours and the room looks great too!

dave + kirst said...

Hi! I saw your room on LGN and absolutely love it. I've showed it to three people now :D Hey can I ask where you got your fabulous sheets? The striped grey and white and the bird duvet? LOVE them, and LoVe your yellow headboard.

noelle regina said...

kirst- the sheets and duvet are from dwell studio. i'll warn you now- super expensive, but i found ebay and amazon listings where they were much less!

good luck.

Emily said...

hi noelle. i found you through the LGN. i just wanted to stop by and tell you i love your bedroom. i look forward to reading over your blog.

angelique said...

are those the lamps I went with you to pick up before you left NY? the headboard looks great, can you post a closer shot of it?

Vicky said...

Noelle, what fabric did you use for your pelmet boxes? It's gorgeous and I need that shade of green sooooo bad!!! plz reply!!!