Oct 14, 2009

DIY To Dos

don't get me wrong.
i LOVE do-it-yourself projects.
and i'll post some pictures soon to prove it.

im hoping to finish our extreme (and extremely affordable) home makeover by Thanksgiving. we're hosting this year!

if you like DIY (or me) and want to come watch Gossip Girl while we craft, i'll love you forever.
i'm slightly overwhelmed by my current DIY TO DO list:

1. decide on colors to repaint desk and end table lamps (hard part)
2. pain them (easy part)

3. decide on fabric to reupholster cozy fireplace chair (hard part)
4. pay someone else to reupholster the chair (easy part)

5. find a square coffee table on craiglist (easy part)
6. convert it into an upholstered ottoman (hard part)

7. decide on paint and contrast for new GORGEOUS end table (hard part)
8. paint the end table (hard part)

9. decide on fabric for master bedroom euro shams (hard part)
10. make euro shams (maybe the hardest part)

11. repaint desk folder organizer (easy part)

12. decide on and purchase lamp shades (see # 1 and 2)

13. wall decor for fireplace and tv wall (also hard)

14. accent pillow fabrics, decide and buy


Laura said...

Wish I was there, I could help you with #6. It's easier than you think!

siovhan said...

oh i sooooooooo wish i was in utah so i could come do this with you! it sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!

Teri said...

You're repainting that cute green desk?!