Sep 21, 2009

feeling INSPIRED

window treatments .................. check.
and after i finish the headboard, the lamp makeover, the bookshelf, and the artwork ...

i've found a NEW project.

inspired by this Design Sponge Before & After.
(i didn't do this... yet)

and i had the bolt of giraffe fabric IN MY HAND tonight.
(went with something else)


M.C. said...

So I found your blog through Shea's and I saw you had a couch for sale. Is it still for sale? My e-mail is

angelique said...

if I ever have a place to decorate I will pay you to do it

Stephanie said...

Dear Noelle,

Your love to decorate and design is inspiring. But will I ever grow up and care about it for myself? I have never actually bought any furniture for myself - only bought/acquired stuff from old roommates. And I'm 25. Yikes.

noelle regina said...

dear stephanie,
one day you'll have a nesting urge. an then you'll want to buy TONS of furniture.

wish i were in NYC- best craigslist ever.

siovhan said...

oh my gosh, that would be so cute!