Aug 10, 2009

Update - per our cannon camera

according to our camera- here's what we've been up to:

1. dressing uber preppy and talking to our moms on the phone:

2. drinking and driving: (mostly drinking)

3. loving the Cedar City Shakespeare Festival (despite the mean age of 75)

4. shooting cans and vermin in new harmony

5. spending time with grandma and grandpa (i love having grandparents again)

6. swimming with beautiful babies

(whose identities will remain anonymous to protect them from blalkers and whose mother can request the immediate removal of this image if she feels inclined.)

7. reigning. in case you missed our coronation (carried out by our cute cousins)

and we've also been:
  • having 50% dinners in Park City and chillin at multi-million dollar mansions
  • planning a Hawaiian adventure (are you coming?)
  • gearing up for the Nicolai Maine Vacation and Lybbert Kenneweek Staycation
  • growing out my hair. cutting matt's.
  • waiting on word about employment


Marci + Dan said...

I so bought that skirt.

Christy said...

when is said hawaii vacation happening? we wanna come! (actually i haven't asked rez, but why wouldn't he want to come?)

noelle regina said...

marci - of COURSE you did :) you have great taste. i'm sure it looks wonderful. are you still at anthro? (you and dan have any interest in hawaii?) we're trying to talk the tibbs into it as we speak.

christy - we're thinking early november. a group of us are renting a beach house on the north shore. it's going to be SO MUCH FUN. we'd love to have you.

Shea McGee said...

you pull off uber preppy so well. and of course, we own the same f21 bag.