Aug 2, 2009

The First Annual Lybbert Dinner Party

we hosted the first of many, annual Lybbert Dinner Parties this past weekend. a few of our friends gathered for a backyard dining experience.

one of our enormously talented guests, took some photos.
more to come, but here's a sneak peak.

the chairs.

the table.

the place setting.

the hosts.
(with the prize for "the fun's trying to guess
when you play guess who.")

and here are some pics from another enormously talented guest, Laura Diane.

ashley - who took the pictures above.

sodie bar.

table. again.

hosts. sans helicopter.

if you're interested in throwing a little gathering, i'd LOVE to help you.
planning this soiree was so much fun.


valerie said...

such such such a great evening.
even if our helicopter only took flight 3.5 times.

noelle regina said...

even if the pommes frites failed

Shea McGee said...

it looked FABULOUS! So fabulous, I scrolled through twice.

And the table wasn't the only thing that looked and that dress? killer.

rubi said...

umm, hello martha stewart. :)

Wendle said...

The party looks like it was a smashing success! Is this really going to be an annual event or is it going to be happening multiple times throughout the year? Because really, with that talent, you shouldn't hold out on us.

noelle regina said...

at least annually :)

Rebecca Smylie said...

It made me wish I lived in Salt Lake. So fun to see Tom Swapp. And someday, I will plan a soiree and I will call you. Though you'll be employed by then by the "firm" and won't have time...

Rachel Hagen said...

ooh, this is beautiful! i'm what you call blalking (sp?) this slow monday morning. may i have permission to blog about it on my design blog?