Aug 6, 2009

the dog whisperer

this won't mean much to you...

have you ever seen the dog whisperer? i find myself mesmerized by cesar milan's ability to rehabilitate dogs ("and train people") within minutes of his arrival. with a few expert combinations of "shh" and hard taps, formerly deviant dogs became the quintessential housepets.

i've been channeling my inner cesar and working with layla, the foster dog next door.
who is brilliant.
and needs a good home.
will you take her?

layla has been abandoned multiple times and has developed a severe case of separation anxiety. she will not leave her house without her "owner."

i've been throwing a tennis ball with her for months. i've tried to coax her on a walk with me using dog treats, steak fat, leashes, tennis balls ... but we get a few houses away and her ears go flat.

she avoids eye contact.
she turns her tail to me.
and the walk is over.

UNTIL TODAY. while her foster-mom is out of town, i've been caring for layla and her foster siblings. i'll walk the little ones around the block and then come back to throw a ball with layla. EXCEPT THIS MORNING- she came for a walk around the block. i also taught her how to "heel."

i wish i could keep her. i love her.
a family came to see if they are interested in adopting her - and she performed well. gave them kisses, showed them all of her tricks which include:


they expressed interest in taking her home. and while i'm thrilled that layla may have found some keepers, i went to bed crying. it's like Lola (don't ask) but worse. (reason no. 1 matt and i shouldn't have foster children).

mom, do you think luci needs a companion in westchester?
dad would LOVE layla and she hardly sheds.
or barks.
and is house-trained.
think about it.
(and if you're not my mom and interested in owning this dream dog, leave a message below)


emilyhutchison said...

I want her, but you're going to have to convince my roommate (you can guess which one). I have a feeling she is going to say no.

mathistown said...

I would take her in a heartbeat. IF; we had money for more vet bills {Badger taps us dry every month or so}, more money for food, and more space. We just can't do another dog justice right now. Someday, but not right now.

I love dog foster families. Someday I'd like to be one but fear the emotional toll. Don't get me started on my feelings about homeless dogs and cats.

No, really.