Aug 10, 2009

Dinner Party

A few more for your viewing pleasure.

The Dinner Party

courtesy of the talented
Ashley Jensen Swapp

(she's available for baby photos, engagements, weddings, family photos and senior portraits)


Alissa said...

Amazing! Ashley's coming to Ella's birthday party to work her photo magic--if you see anything inspired in a pinwheel theme let me know.

noelle regina said...

did you see the pinwheels on nie nie's blog? i posted a picture here earlier ... that'd be a fun decoration, either suspended or atached to a stick?

just emailed jamie a bunch of great restaurants in rome. i'm so jealous.

Laura said...

Noelle, did you rent the chairs and table settings? If not, you own a very classy set-up. A good excuse to break out the china...I should do some smaller dinner parties. We do an annual New Year's Eve party with about 50 people...but you can't do much with that besides hors d'oeuvres. What did you eat?

noelle regina said...

I rented the chairs - wish I owned them. the flatware, stemware and dinnerware is mine - weddings gifts and what not.

dinner was simple - grilled tenderloin steaks, pommes frites, a gorgonzola balsamic salad on romaine and a corn avocado salad. peach cobbler and ice cream for dessert. it was so much fun. i wish i lived closer and i'd help you :)

Laura said...

Oh, just let me pick your brain for ideas and I'll be happy. :o)

The Palicks In Portland said...

Amazing event. What was for dinner?!

Jake and Jenna said...

well this sounds like a fabulous trip.