Apr 2, 2009

The Wonderful Thing About Utah ...

Is that Utah's a wonderful place -

- filled with full family cabin's
- cafe rios
- old friends (seriously- we run into an acquaintance wherever we go!)
- ski runs
- affordable everythings
- reeses and leaches
- book reading and relaxing
- park city outlets

I like it here.


Scott and Kristine said...

Are you in Utah? I have some good news to share with you...
Can you guess?

Oliver & Margy said...

Don't move!! There's nothing like spring in NY. You will love it, especially with your new freedom. You will find wonderful things:
- filled NY family apartments
- grom, magnolia...
- new friends (not to mention sisters and family)
- park runs
- available everythings (seriously, what can't you find here?)

We love having you in the city. And we need to hang out.

noelle regina said...

you are too cute Margy - and your arguments are ever so compelling. no plans to move yet :) but you'll be the first to know.

auntie libby said...

i know ny is wonderful but....it would be great to have you closer. just bring your sister's with you! then mom and dad...would not that be grand! i know where you can get a good buy on a house!