Apr 15, 2009

Dear American Idol ...

I love you. And that is why i love this.
I laughed. I smiled. I cried.
If you do nothing else on the internet today - watch Susan Boyle.

We know Adam Lambert has talent - but what about a portly 47-year-old with a thick accent from some no-name village in England? He saucy quips and endearing charm only add to her talent.


Laura said...

I loved this woman! IMO, these are the types of people who should win AI. The ones who would have NO OTHER chance.

Elle and Jared said...

I cried too. So did Jared. I just found your blog, by the way...and I like it. Hope you are your honey are doing well. You two make a dashing couple.

nikki said...

Everyone has been talking about this but since we have no TV and I rarely have time to check out youtube, I had no idea what it was about. I just watched this and it nearly brought me to tears. She was amazing and I love the response she got from everyone in that audience. It was beautiful.

alexismunoadyer said...

Hey nicole! I just found your blog through ali's. I hope you and your hubby are happy as ever!

believe it or not i grew up in plays and singing with adam lambert... he has naturally strawberry hair and freckles... or at least he used to.

have a happy weekend,