Mar 17, 2009

To Dos

at work my friend and I labor endlessly at a our to do lists- not to mention their reformatting... well now I have a list of to dos that I can't wait to get to done:

1. wedding thank yous
2. physical fitness
3. learn adobe illustrator and indesign
4. learn HTML to make this little lovely a little lovelier
5. read a book a week
6. start cooking again
7. visit 65th and Columbus a little more often
8. master craft something
9. make my bed every day
10. 30 day shred daily

what a wonderful world it will be.


lybberty said...

am very glad you'll be able to work on your list, sis.

Stanton & Rubi Jones said...

when you learn html can you make my little lovely a little lovelier too?