Mar 24, 2009

Ode to Val

25 Reasons to Want a Valerie Leach of your own, on this her 25th Birthday...

1. She'll say "to hell with responsibility" and take a last minute 24-hour trip to Vegas
Evident by the photo above, she didn't really say to hell with it, since she still checked her bb

2. She'll look pretty damn cute when she goes

3. She'll play "name that Broadway show tune" even if she doesn't want to

4. She's thoughtful and brings medicine when you're sick or ice cream when you're fired

5. She'll wake up in the dark on a snowy morning and pick you up just to help you meet your fitness goals

6. She'll fly all the way to New York to be a bridesmaid - a cute, supportive fun one who dances the night away

7. She doesn't get mad when you obnoxiously honk outside her house (even if she knows you're doing it on purpose to be obnoxious)

8. She doesn't love to snuggle, but she lets you anyway

9. Her eyes crinkle up and sparkle when she gets excited

10. She likes to camp- doesn't complain about bugs or darkness, just sucks it up and gets it done
11. She sprints up stairs and stays on ellipticals even though you want to stop and give up.

12. She laughs at your jokes - sometimes hard which makes you feel real good

13. She is always on time for things like carpools and dinners

14. She's a private person so when you pry a secret out of her it makes you feel like you REALLY accomplished something

15. You can trust her with your house or your kids - lots of people do

16. She'll sing the harmony to N Sync's "bye bye bye" with you in the car and not think any less of you for it
17. She'll never ask you for anything and thank you endlessly if you do it - all the while giving the shirt off her back for everyone else

18. She loves crappy television

19. She's always down for a walk around town or run in the park- she's that go to kinda friend.

20. She admits when she gets jealous about silly things, like being left off of chats or our of RTAs or inside jokes

21. She will keep you financially responsible

22. She'll send you flowers on your birthday - twice.

23. She has STRONG opinions ...

24. But a heart of gold that goes with them <3

25. She's the greatest friend you could ask for


1 comment:

valerie said...

i'm blushing
a lot
thank you love