Mar 26, 2009


in 8th grade Mr. Weiss taught me:

p--> q
q--> r

in mathetmatical terms:
bike --> elliptical
elliptical --> daily
bike --> daily

applied to real life, this means:
if i had a new bike that would be like my elliptical
if my elliptical was then used two days in a row (i.e. daily)
if i had a new bike I would use it daily.

substanial proof. makes logical sense to me.


Alisha said...

don't know if this helps, but I just read an article on fitness myths, and it stated that ellipticals really aren't that helpful because people use them ineffectively... so a bike would actually get you a better workout. HAHA!

Brittmae said...

I am pretty sure I used this same logic on the