Feb 23, 2009

something to smile about

- a slightly less hellacious day at work
- a delicious dinner with husband and brother at Hill Country
- warm pajamas
- strawberry shortcake provided by sister and other brother
- working from home (which is much better than working from the office)
- the forthcoming lion that becomes a lamb (MARCH)


Oliver & Margy said...

so happy to hear you had a good weekend - you deserve it. actually, you deserve a bit, long, stress-free vacation.

kristin said...

I know what would make life even better. A visit from little sister filled with shopping and laughing!

Anonymous said...

Isn't working from home the best!?! I get stuff done at home and for work, plus I get to do it in my PJ's! :)

lybberty said...

dinner & the weekend were awesome. thanks again!