Jan 15, 2009

US Airways Flight Crashes Into the Hudson....

and we just watched it happen from our office. according to those whose desks face the river, the plane glided into and began to sink immediately. ferry and tug boat drivers raced to the sinking plane and from the window, it seemed they unloaded a good number of passengers from the rescue rafts- all wearing their yellow inflatable vests.

news reports say a flock of geese knocked the plane out of the sky (sort of).

Dear Tug Boat Drivers Who Raced So Speedily to the Rescue of Passengers Flying from LGA to Charlotte,

Thank you for being such wonderful people.

New Yorkers do have big hearts,


Elizabeth said...

Hopefully this isn't an omen for the Raleigh visitors coming this weekend.

Charlotte/Raleigh...Laguardia/JFK just a little too real for me.

Amanda said...

there are no words. what heroes.

and you had this up before the news even picked it up on my igoogle page.

jenny said...

scary! i just read up on it and it sounds like everyone is okay at least.

is it weird i immediately thought of what's going on in 24 right now and got extra nervous? do you watch that show?

Kent Breard III said...

i would like to give a shout out to the pilot for that landing.

E.F.G. said...

i wondered if you could see it from WAY west. and now we all know what a "bird strike" is.

xo sister

angelique said...

on the news, the officials kept using the word 'ingested' - as in "the engines ingested several birds" - ew

amen KB III - dear US Airways pilot, way to go with the quick thinking and skillful flying

also, I doubt the word 'hypothermia' has never gotten so much air play before

Jordan and Candice said...

We watched it too! I would also like to give a shout out to the pilot.