Jan 30, 2009

abs-olute coincidence...

that the purchase of this 30 day shred video (and 6 pack to be) arrived just in time for a few workouts before a surprise trip to Mexico to read books and sleep on the beach for 3 days!

we're off in 6 days, and should you feel so inclined to join us on this spontaneous adventure - we'd love to have you. a few requirements:
- must like to read poolside
- must like to collect shells and/or walk the beach
- must like to rent bicycles and cruise around
- must want to get all dolled up for a delicious dinner at Puerto Madero (my mouth just waters thinking about the grilled red peppers and bamboo/goat cheese salad...)

husbands are a good idea! (and have some good ideas of their own from time to time)

you may or may not know that i love a good sale (i don't think i've paid full price for anything in years) ... and this little getaway is no exception. book your extraordinary trip at lastminute.com. the invitation was for real, so book your vacay and meet us there.

we're staying here ...


(one small notes... amazon's erroneous shipping message got my hopes up. no video today, but i'll be waiting for the mailman tomorrow)


Amanda said...

so jealous right now.

lybberty said...
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lybberty said...

you guys got a Mexican vacation and I got a house cleaner from one of those Mexican countries--Ecuador, I think she said--so there's that.

scott and lindsey said...

Oh I WISH!!!! I'm glad you guys went ahead and booked something....please please bring home some of that amazing sunshine with you!! Have so much fun!!!