Dec 20, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Noelle Dear ...

Last night I went to Stanton Social, surrounded by supportive coworkers who braved ice and snow, and a TERRIBLE cab driver with bald tires, all to help me ring in 25 years of life a little early. I came home to find two packages on the doorstep from a thoughtful brother in London who made sure something arrived on time, even though he's swamped with real life things like getting a PhD. (Matt had to wrestle them away from me, quite literally, so that i wouldn't open them until my birthday.... what can i say. i like presents like i love french fries)
This morning i woke up to a lengthy email from Valerie T Leach, listing 25 reasons she just loves me, like I just love lettuce - a heart warming and wonderful morning.

Here are a few reasons why I'm celebrating today ...

  • I've been married for 6 unfairly happy months.
  • Bernard Madoff didn't make off with my money.
  • Despite this economic turmoil, I've got a great job with a profitable company (that throws OFF THE HOOK Christmas parties for me and all my fun coworkers.) And I get the satisfaction and fulfillment of knowing that I add value.
  • I'm alive. Allene thought for sure my "loose cannon" tendencies would get me killed in a transcontinental flight, a risky rock climbing trip or just "utter lack of better judgment."
  • I have a wonderful family. most of which is 10-37 minutes away. The rest of which is STELLAR about video chatting and emailing
  • I have an elliptical in the living room who asked me just the other day if she could help me with a new year's resolution. Who wouldn't be grateful for such a thoughtful elliptical?
  • I couldn't really be a contestant on Biggest Loser - and as much as I want to be- deep down inside, I'm glad I don't have the prereqs for it - heart disease, diabetes, more than 41% body fat and a BMI over 30.
  • My financier and benefactor- El Capitan, the "Prince of Joviality" himself, Francesantiono Angelo Domenico Nicolai- has made sure that these first 25 years were brimming with culture, eduction, arts, travel and leisure and unimaginably delicious food. Many thanks to Bank of Frank.
  • The next 25 years will have exponentially less blood tests and shots than the first- meaning exponentially less tantrums and faints (at least as they relate to the medical profession)
  • I'm not worried about where I'm sleeping, what I'm eating tomorrow or if my life is in danger. And according to Maslow, that's a pretty good place to be.
  • I don't really NEED anything ... other than Luci cat, but technically I already HAVE her.
  • I've had the Best Summer Ever ('06), Best Winter Ever ('08) and the Best Wedding Ever.
Here's hoping December 20th is as wonderful a day for you as it has been for me thus far ...

One year older and wiser too
Noelle Regina Nicolai Lybbert


Morgan said...

happy birthday noelle. i have always been under the impression that people with birthdays in december are more intelligent, more funny, and way better looking than everybody else who is so unfortunate to have been born in a different month. May the year to come be filled with bright days, good works and laughter.

nerak said...

happy birthday!

Marci + Dan said...

Happy Birthday!

familia Bybaran said...

Happy Birthday Noelle. Nice list.

Jordan and Candice said...

Noelle, Happy Birthday yesterday. I love know that. I love our walks in the park in the summa time, our first chicken and waffle experience, and playing "do you know?" I also love the way you spelled education in this post.

naomi megan. said...

happy belated birthday!