Nov 8, 2008

you choose...

Lybbert Sibling Christmas Tree Extravaganza.
(i'm the one of the 180 ' degrees to the right, behind the camera)

You Choose... for the next 7 weeks- NAUGHTY OR NICE?

I usually resent pre-Thanksgiving Christmas celebration but today I embrace it.

The Nicolais used to cut a tree down every year- tromping through woods or tree farms to find one that was not to tall, or not to fat, with no holes that 3 small girls and a dad could carry back to the car. Now we take a local trip to the local church to buy a local tree. One thing never changes - bickering over the size. I always dream of epic Nutcracker proportions, which was easier to achieve when I was 4 years old.

Did you know Christmas trees began because a monk used the triangular shape of the common fir to explain the Holy Trinity to Germans 100s of years ago? Thank you monk for sparking one of may favorite Christmas traditions.

Somethings to look forward to in December ....

December 10: Mama Nicolai's birthday
December 20: Noelle's 1/4 decade celebration
December 30: Matt's 1/4 decade celebration

I've always liked a combo of the 2. Just make sure you quintuple your nices for every naughty- 5:1- and Santa doesn't seem to mind.

it's coming- and i can't wait.


Oliver & Margy said...

I still can't believe summer is over, and here you are talking Christmas trees! They are a beautiful tradition though. And I will be excited to walk by the stands as they pop up around the city. Hope you two are doing well! Yes, we have to get together soon. xox

Anonymous said...

"not to tall, or not to fat"... you meant "too" perhaps?

noelle regina said...
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noelle regina said...

the to was intentional.
so bleditors (blog editors), including you, have something to look forward too (or did i mean to?)

Laura said...

anonymous is a putz.