Oct 30, 2008

she says i'm a good writer...

mcgarrybowen (my current place of employment) has an extensive training program. we have to attend. maybe i should say we GET to attend.

i know what you're thinking- TRAINING?!?!?
those meetings at work you try not to fall asleep in?
or at least get caught sleeping in?
those dreadful sessions where they ask you not to bring your lap tops?

at mcgb this isn't the case. they've even named this comprehensive series of advertising and life lessons- kaleidoscope- something fresh and light and colorful. something you want to be a part of. at kaleidoscope we're trained by industry professionals and best of all- are given lunch from patsy's or witchcraft or some other delicious establishment.

this week's workshop was business writing, with a charming retired professional who was rather professor-esque. she was enchanting. her energy and teaching made me miss education and classes (a few thing i may have tried to avoid from time to time while at BYU) and best of all- today in our one on one meeting, she told me
"Noelle... you're a very good writer!"

all of sudden i wanted to write endless pages for her. i wanted her to read everything i'd ever written- including an extensive journal on my one-sided love affair with anthony decandido in 1998. i wanted to ace an imaginary writing assignment she gave me in the imaginary class i imagined her to teach at the imaginary university i was imaginarily attending here in ny. i wanted to raise my hand more and give smart answers.

and then i realized ... i may not be a good writer ... but i'm certainly not a bad one and i certainly do enjoy it - so why have i been so lackadaisical about writing recently?

dear vicki- inspiring kaleidoscope instructor and imaginary professor,
thanks to you i'm back to blogging.

the eager student

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Shannon said...

I've always thought you were an amazing writer! I'm still tellin' ya... MFA, creative writing.